5 Costly Mistakes When Installing Solar

Our expert solar panel installers share five costly mistakes when installing solar…

Installing solar energy can help you save on your power bill, especially if you live in Brisbane and can access Queensland’s solar incentives. If not done correctly, however, getting solar could cost you more money than it will save. To avoid an expensive situation, here are five common mistakes you should avoid.

1. Not Getting Multiple Quotes

The solar industry is large and highly competitive, so there are many different price points available. Although you may assume that the more you spend the better the panels will be, this is not always the case. We recommend getting at least three different quotes before you purchase a system. Luckily, there are plenty of comparison services online that can help you with this step.

2. Buying the Wrong System Size

A common way people lose money on solar panels is that they choose a system that is either too large or too small. An overly large system will be expensive with little added benefit, while a system that is too small will not generate enough power to be worthwhile.  Most installers are conscious of this issue, so take time to talk with them until you have agreed on an optimal size.

3. Ignoring Solar Incentives


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If you live in Queensland cities like Brisbane, you might benefit from the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme. You have to meet certain requirements to be eligible for this program, however, so make you meet them before factoring this bonus into your budgeting. If you live outside of Queensland, there are other local government incentives you should look into.

4. Not Understanding Warranties

Solar panels should come with at least two warranties: a linear performance warranty (ranging between 25-30 years) and a product warranty (12 to 25 years). While these warranties cover product replacement, neither of them covers labour costs. However, some installers do offer separate warranties that cover labour costs, so keep this in mind when looking for installers.

5. Trying to Install a System Yourself

While it may be tempting to skip paying an installer, this is not a good idea in the long run. Professional installers have years of experience in this field, so it’s best to leave the installation up to them.

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