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We have 25+ years experience installing and working with energy solutions and many more years being friendly, down-to-earth and honest.

Robbie Crosson


Based in the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, Robbie Crosson is the founder and Managing Director of Auswell Energy. An expert in the field of renewable energy, he possesses over a decade of experience in management roles for leading companies spanning various fields throughout the solar power industry. Also a licensed CEC accredited electrician, Robbie integrates this background with his extensive experience in management and installation into his everyday workflow.

His passion for helping people and for positively impacting the environment, paired with the technical proficiency he’s acquired with both residential and commercial solar energy over the years, are what inspired him to create Auswell Energy. Knowing that he’s contributing to reducing the earth’s carbon footprint while at the same time using a proven renewable energy system to help people financially are what motivate and propel him forward daily. Valuing honesty and integrity, his aim was to create a company that customers could place full confidence in, both ethically and product-wise.

As a strong proponent for renewable energy, Robbie can personally attest to the importance and weight it carries in the future of our planet. With the countless installations he’s directly been a part of or managed, he has witnessed firsthand the gradual change and growth in renewable energy as well as the positive impact solar power has had on families and businesses alike. As his company motto states, All’s well with Auswell.

When not juggling piles of solar panels and paperwork, you might find him working out at the gym or perhaps savoring a cup of black coffee with music overheard.

Nick Ghezzi

Sales Manager

Nick brings to Auswell Energy nearly 25 years of professional sales experience, account management, customer service, and team leadership across a wide range of industries.

His most recent successes as the Sales Director have led to the Auswell team installing record amounts of residential Solar across Southeast Queensland over a sustained period of time, and this platform has set a solid foundation for continual growth into the future.

Nick’s secret to success is simple – “Communication, consistency, and a genuine willingness to go above and beyond for Auswell Energy clients, exceeding their expectations of service and value.”

It’s his constant attention to detail, product knowledge, a knack for cutting through the industry jargon and sales speak, and exemplary communication skills with all walks of life that allows him to provide the highest standard of service and achieve the best results for all his clients.

On a personal level, Nick is a friendly, likeable, and easy-going member of the team. He moved from the Southwest of Sydney with his young family in 2014 searching for a lifestyle change and hasn’t looked back.

Now considering the Gold Coast and more specifically Pacific Pines his home he remains a passionate, outspoken, and often tragic NRL supporter, stoically following his beloved Wests Tigers and the NSW State of Origin team.

When Nick isn’t leading his sales team to greater successes, he’s keeping busy spending time with his three kids, hiking Nerang State Forest, playing soccer for Pacific Pines FC, and at the gym.

Nicks enthusiasm and willingness to help, positivity, and unwavering integrity ensure that you will always get the best result when he is handling your Solar Installation.

Tommy Martschinke

Sales Consultant

If passion, infectious positivity and a genuine willingness to help could be rolled into one person – that person would be Tommy.

Having a wealth of experience as a professional entertainer for more than 18 years Tommy brings unrivalled levels of energy to everything that he puts his mind to.

Instantly relatable, friendly and knowledgeable, Tommy cuts through the jargon and the overwhelming amount of information out there to make sure his clients have the smoothest experience when they purchase solar, whilst still maintaining a high level of attention to detail.

When he’s not working on the best deal for you for solar, Tommy can still be found with a microphone and guitar in hand, on the soccer pitch, or spending time with his beautiful family.

Tommy’s energy, friendly demeanour and unwavering integrity insure that you will always get the best result when he’s handling your solar installation.

Cara Thompson

Sales Consultant

Cara has fast become one of the most well rounded and highly respected members of our team at Auswell Energy. With a wealth of experience across several different industries including solar, Cara’s worldly experience and empathetic demeanour allows her to get right to the root of any potential solar solution by always providing a completely personalised service that is unrivalled throughout the industry.

Cara’s passion and love for renewable and environmentally sustainable solutions crosses over into her personal life as you will often catch Cara working on the enviable lush idyllic garden paradise that she calls home or spending time with her son when she’s not providing solar solutions for her ever-growing list of clients.

Cara bucks the trend of the typical solar consultant by providing a calming, stress free approach to a solar solution for your home.

Kasey Lewis

Sales Consultant

Well-travelled and highly ambitious, Kasey and her family have made Gold Coast their home over the last 2 years and haven’t looked back.

Realising the untapped potential of the copious amounts of sunlight in Southeast QLD, Kasey joined Auswell Energy to passionately advocate for solar energy to be installed in as many homes as possible. With her current crop of outstanding results, she’s seemingly setting out to make it her personal mission to create renewable and sustainable futures for many families.

Kasey provides an energetic and upbeat approach to her work, yet always ensures her solutions are personable, detailed, and well considered. Her real strength lies in the ability to breakdown the exhaustive amounts of information available to clients in a clear, concise, and pleasant manner.

Kasey’s all-around professionalism and infectious personality will always ensure that you have an enjoyable, hassle-free solar experience.

Kelly Dekker

Kelly Dekker

Office Manager

Kelly Dekker plays an integral role in keeping the company organized and growing as she maintains our operations and oversees all procedures. Her infectious optimism, exemplary communication skills, and ability to anticipate needs are just a few of the many attributes that make her stand out in her role. On weekends, she enjoys spending time with her family and entertaining guests.

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