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The Role of Solar Batteries in Disaster Preparedness

Auswell Energy explains how solar batteries are incredibly useful assets for families when preparing for natural disasters.

Natural disasters are a common occurrence in Queensland. In fact, since 2011, we have faced 100 disaster events in this state alone. Because of this, it is paramount that Queenslanders are always prepared for looming natural events, especially during storm season. As providers of solar batteries in Brisbane, we explain how these devices can effectively help families with disaster preparedness.

Continuous Power Supply During Outages

It is possible for the grid to go down during a disaster – especially in the event of a cyclone or extreme storm. By having a back-up power option, such as a solar battery like the Tesla Powerwall, provides a seamless supply of electricity to your appliances and devices. Uninterrupted power can allow your family to maintain essential functions including refrigerating perishable goods and keeping medical equipment operational.

Facilitating Communication and Information Access

During natural disasters, devices such as mobile phones and radios can be crucial to stay in the loop with important updates or emergency services. These devices, however, can run out of charge quickly if you are unable to access a reliable source of power. Because of their ability to power these devices, solar batteries play a pivotal role in facilitating your contact with emergency services; relaying updates and maintaining communication with your neighbours and community.


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Preserving Home Security Systems

If your home is protected by an electronic security system and is powered by traditional electricity, you run the risk of being vulnerable to intruders while the grid is down. Solar batteries can ensure that uninterrupted electricity is supplied to security cameras, alarms, and smart home devices. Auswell Energy, provider of solar batteries in Brisbane, can install the Tesla Powerwall to give you peace of mind.

Long-Term Preparedness and Sustainable Solutions

Overall, by investing in a solar battery, you are ensuring that your family and home are better prepared for any future natural disasters. This will provide you with better peace of mind in the lead up to a disaster, and help you feel more in control during these difficult situations. Furthermore, by embracing solar batteries, families can not only enhance their resilience in the face of emergencies but also promote a greener approach to these situations as opposed to more traditional emergency energy sources.

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