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What Does it Mean to Validate your Solar Panels?

Auswell Energy runs through the basics of the Solar Panel Validation Initiative.

A solar PV system is a big investment, and it’s only natural that you want to ensure that the products you’re getting installed are legitimate and save you money. Counterfeit products are a real thing, and one way to protect yourself from this is to ensure that your solar retailer and installers participate in the Solar Panel Validation Initiative (SPV).

What is the Solar Panel Validation Initiative?

SPV is a scheme created by the Clean Energy Regulator and legislated by the Australian Government. The main goal of SPV is to “address the use of unapproved (sub-standard and counterfeit) solar panels in the Australian market.”

For the customer, SPV provides an electronic record of confirmation that your installed solar panels are verified, and provides a record of:

  • The make and model of the installed solar panels
  • The serial numbers
  • The time and date of installation and
  • The location of installation

How does the Solar Panel Validation Initiative work?

  1. The installer scans the serial numbers on the panels and sends that data using the SPV app while onsite


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  1. A request for verification is sent to the verification service
  2. The installer receives real-time confirmation that the panels are verified and can finalise the installation
  3. The customer receives confirmation that the panels are verified (If you’re worried about this, request to see the scanning process while it’s happening)
  4. An agent receives a signed data package and sends this information to the Clean Energy Regulator
  5. The Clean Energy Regulator can validate small-scale technology certificates to issue

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What are the benefits of the Solar Panel Validation Initiative?

The main benefit of SPV is knowing that your solar panels are from a legitimate manufacturer. You can find a list of manufacturers that participate in this scheme HERE.

At Auswell Energy, we offer products from Seraphim, Hyundai, Jinko, LONGi, and Canadian Solar (see our products). All these manufacturers participate in the Solar Panel Validation Initiative.

Other benefits of SPV include:
  • Letting consumers know that the brand meets Australian standards and the panels come with a firm warranty
  • Letting installers know that they’re installing the right panels
  • Protecting the installer and manufacturer from financial penalties and reputational damage
  • Giving solar retailers confidence in the products that they purchase and sell

There are many processes in place that work to protect the customer against dodgy solar products and installations. Here at Auswell Energy, we uphold these processes to ensure you quality products and installation.

Seraphim Solar Panels - Auswell Energy - Gold Coast, Brisbane, Tweed Heads
Seraphim Solar Panels

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