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Why the Tesla Powerwall is Your Best Option for Solar Batteries

Auswell Energy explains why the Tesla Powerwall is our battery of choice for solar installations in Brisbane.

At Auswell Energy, our solar battery of choice is the Tesla Powerwall, and we recommend it to all of our customers wanting to install batteries. Other than its stellar 10 year warranty, the Powerwall offers a number of excellent benefits for homeowners looking to install solar batteries. As solar power installers in Brisbane, we outline the most attractive benefits below.

Innovative technology

Tesla certainly has a reputation for producing innovative and forward-thinking technology, and their Powerwall is no exception to this. A great feature it provides is its seamless integration with the Tesla app, allowing homeowners the ability to monitor and control their energy system remotely. This allows for real-time insights and the benefit of over-the-air software updates.


One of the most important aspects we consider when selecting our solar products is their scalability and flexibility to be used for many different purposes and system sizes. This battery employs intelligent algorithms to optimise energy usage by charging and discharging based on utility rates, time of use and individual consumption patterns. Thus, it is suitable for homes of varying energy needs.

Battery Lifespan


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Battery lifespan is an important factor for our customers, so at Auswell Energy, we ensure to provide them with a battery that will service their home for as much time as possible. It uses high quality lithium-ion battery chemistry and meticulous engineering that help to extend its lifetime. Through its careful design and thermal management, the Powerwall also minimises wear and tear on battery cells, which contributes to an extended operation life.


Although it is not related to the functionality of the battery, the Tesla Powerwall’s aesthetic appeal is a positive addition and often a selling point for homeowners that we work with. It features a sleek and compact design that seamlessly integrates into many different architectural styles.

Furthermore, its slim profile and modern appearance allow it to be mounted on walls both indoors and outdoors, minimising its visual impact.

There are many reasons why the Tesla Powerwall is our battery of choice. If you’re interested in adding these solar batteries to your system, contact Auswell: professional and trusted solar power installers in Brisbane.

Auswell Energy can help you power your home with solar energy. We are the trusted provider of residential solar power installations across Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and Tweed Heads. (See our solar installation options)



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