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Why You Should Choose a Local Solar Company

Auswell Energy outlines the benefits of choosing a local business to install your solar panels.

In recent years, the demand for solar power has increased nation-wide with many Australian households making the decision to install solar power into their homes. This has led to a significant increase in the number of solar companies Australians can choose from, making it vital that consumers know which companies are the best to work with and why. This blog will explore why it’s more beneficial to go with local solar companies on the Gold Coast, such as Auswell Energy, rather than choosing an Australia-wide company.

Installation Cost

One of the biggest concerns solar companies on the Gold Coast hear when consulting with clients is regarding the cost of installing solar, and whether the savings on electricity are worth the initial upfront costs. However, customers don’t need to fret as local installers are often less expensive than bigger, national solar companies, yet still offer quality installation services. For instance, at Auswell Energy, we ensure that we provide our customers with competitive pricing alongside excellent and expert service.

Ongoing Support

When your solar panels are installed or repaired by local solar companies on the Gold Coast, it is often a much smoother and quicker process as they can offer a faster turnaround due to the shorter travel time. Additionally, by choosing a local solar company you can speak to a real person who knows you and your situation rather than having to contact a national company through impersonal call centres. 


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Local solar companies on the Gold Coast also have a bigger focus on maintaining their reputation with their customers, meaning that you are likely to have a more positive customer service experience.

Knowledge of local electricity rules and regulations

The impersonal nature of larger nation-wide solar companies can also result in a lack of knowledge of specific areas within Australia due to the size of the area they cover, which additionally contributes to installation becoming a lengthier process.  Contrastingly, local solar companies on the Gold Coast deal with local electricity suppliers on a regular basis and are therefore very familiar with the local rules and regulations, meaning they can get the job done more quickly and thoroughly.

Supporting your local community 

Lastly, when you make the choice to support small-scale locally owned businesses, like solar companies on the Gold Coast over national chains, a significant portion of your money spent is recycled back through the local economy which supports and strengthens the community.

Choosing to install solar for your home through local solar companies, such as Auswell Energy, rather than through larger national companies, will ultimately result in a better experience for you and the wider community.

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