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2022 Solar Rebate – What to Expect

Auswell Energy speaks on the changes to the solar rebate which take effect this year.

The solar rebate has been a key driver in Australia reaching over 3 million rooftop solar installations to date. The rebate can take thousands of dollars off the price of your home solar installation.

Currently, the solar rebate scheme is being gradually phased out, ending in 2030. As a result, the rebate households can obtain is decreasing each year.

Rebate Reduction Expected in 2022

It is difficult to give an exact number as to how much the rebate will reduce this year as many variables impact the amount of rebate a household can have. Some of these variables include the year of installation, where in Australia the system is being installed, and the capacity of the solar panels. Another key variable is STCs (Small-scale Technology Certificates), with the value fluctuating according to market demand.

However, as a very general guide, we expect the subsidy to reduce this month by around $320 on a 6.6kW system, assuming current STC values don’t change.  This figure might not seem like a lot, but what we know for sure is that this figure will continue to drop before the rebate is removed completely. If you are considering solar power on the Gold Coast, the time to act is now.

Is a Solar System Worth it?

Are you looking to save money? If you answered yes, then a solar system is right for you. Even without a rebate, the amount a household will save is tremendous, this rebate just means the savings are going to be even greater.


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Solar power systems on the Gold Coast are a great investment. As the prices of solar systems increase so do their value. A home’s value increases if it has a solar system installed. So not only will you save money, but you will also make a profit if you install a solar system, with or without selling your home. What a solar rebate does, is increase that profit gap in a positive way.

Our advice is to get in quickly. Solar will always be the best option, but solar rebates won’t be around forever or at least be the same ever again. So, what are you waiting for? If you are looking for solar power on the Gold Coast, Auswell Energy are the experts in Solar.

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