A Guide for Switching to Solar at Your Gold Coast Business

Auswell Energy explains the process of installing a solar system at your business.

Installing solar power is an attractive concept for businesses in South-East Queensland. With about 300 sunny days a year on the Gold Coast, switching to solar can result in major savings on your power bill, lowering your overheads significantly. Installing solar is a big decision, and you may be unsure about where to start. Here is a guide for getting your business on the Gold Coast solar-ready.

1. Assess your energy needs

There are a number of preliminary factors you need to consider in order to give the go-ahead for solar installation. For instance, you must consider your business’s current energy usage and how much money you’re able to allot for installation and maintenance. Furthermore, you should ensure that you inform your landlord, body corporate or any other governing body that you are considering installing solar to obtain permission. All these factors are relevant when selecting both your installer and the type of solar system you need.

2. Do your research

Next, you should complete some research into what kind of solar system would be best for your business. As there are many different brands and models available on the market, this process can be confusing. If after your research you’re still unsure about what system is right for your business, contact us. It can also be helpful to review Google reviews of different products and suppliers to ensure you’re committing to a reputable solar company.


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3. Request a consultation

Now that you have a better idea about the service and product your business needs, it’s time to request a consultation with your chosen solar installer. Have on hand some information including your average quarterly power bill. At Auswell Energy, we provide a free consultation for businesses looking to install solar. (See our solar installation packages)

4. Schedule an inspection

It’s time to invite your solar installer to your business for a site assessment. They will assess various physical aspects of your business such as roof orientation, shading, and structural suitability. This is to ensure that your panels are installed in the optimum position for energy absorption while maintaining the aesthetics of your business.

5. Organise installation

After your professional Gold Coast solar installer has assessed your business 

and given you the all-clear, it’s time to book in to install your system. When choosing a time to book your installation, keep in mind whether it will interfere with your customers or staff accessing your business. If so, it is best to book a time outside of your business hours. To help your installer, also make sure the areas they need to access are tidy and clean.

If you’re ready to begin your journey with installing solar at your business and saving money on your power bill, contact 5-star rated solar installers Auswell Energy for a free consultation today!

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