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Can I Install Solar Panels For My Apartment?

Auswell Energy explains the considerations you need to make when considering solar panels for your apartment.

In Brisbane, more and more people are living in apartments or small dwellings than ever before. In fact, there are now twice as many apartments in the inner suburbs than there were 10 years ago! Solar power is an attractive addition to your home – however, if you live in an apartment, rather than a stand-alone house, you may be wondering whether it is feasible to install a system. As solar power installers in Brisbane, we provide the aspects you need to keep in mind when deciding whether you will be able to install solar panels for your apartment.

The Advantages of Installing Solar Panels for Your Apartment

There are several benefits of switching to solar energy for individuals that live in apartments. Many of these are the same as the benefits enjoyed by stand-alone homes with solar systems: a reduction of your energy bill and carbon footprint, and an increase in property value. Furthermore, apartments tend to use less energy than traditional homes, so a well-designed solar panel system could cover a significant portion (if not all) of your electricity requirements, leading to substantial savings.

Challenges That You May Encounter

Installing a solar system for an apartment also raises its own unique challenges – mostly in relation to the logistics of the installation. Limited roof space is a common problem we come across as solar power installers in Brisbane, and this tends to make it more difficult to optimally place the panels. Furthermore, you must also obtain approval from your building’s body corporate. They may impose their own restrictions for your system regarding the type, size and appearance of your panels.


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Differences in the Installation Process

The installation process for solar panels on an apartment building versus a house varies slightly. For apartments, installations will occasionally require specialised mounting systems designed for small or unconventional surfaces.

Furthermore, as previously mentioned, there is much more coordination between involved parties that is required – including with your neighbours, property managers, and body corporate.

There are many intricacies that apply when determining whether your apartment is suitable for a solar system. Thus, it’s always a good idea to reach out to an expert. Auswell Energy are solar power installers in Brisbane that can inspect your apartment and building and determine whether you will be able to install a solar system. Reach out today for a free consultation.

Auswell Energy can help you power your home with solar energy. We are the trusted provider of residential solar power installations in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and Tweed Heads. Discover the ideal solar system for your apartment with our solar installation options.



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