How Does Coastal Proximity Impact My Solar Panels?

Auswell explains how being close to the sea can affect your solar panel’s lifespan and efficiency.

If you live in a sunny, warm environment such as the Gold Coast, it’s understandable that you would want to take advantage of the energy cost savings provided by solar power. As the experts in Gold Coast solar power solutions, we outline how living on the coast can affect your solar panels, and the steps you can take to minimise this impact.

The Potential Impact of Living on the Coast

There are a number of environmental factors that you need to take into consideration when installing solar power on your coastal home. These include…


Living close to the ocean usually means that your home is subject to sea spray, even if you don’t live directly on the beachfront. Salt air can affect metals more than 80km inland! Salt can take its toll on your solar system, corroding the surfaces of the panels and other components.

Humidity Levels

Another factor that can impact the effectiveness of your solar panels is the humidity levels in coastal regions. Elevated humidity, including that experienced on the Gold Coast, can result in an accumulation of moisture, which can impact the electrical components of your solar panels, or lead to corrosion.


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Extreme Weather

Coastal regions tend to be vulnerable to severe weather events such as cyclones or flooding, and these events can have negative effects on your solar system. Strong wind and water from flooding can damage the structural integrity of your system, so special measures need to be undertaken in the lead-up to extreme weather events.

How to Protect Your Solar Panels from Coast-Related Issues

As providers of Gold Coast solar power solutions, we can recommend some ways to mitigate the negative effects that living on the coast can have on your solar panels.

Seraphim Solar Panels - Auswell Energy - Gold Coast, Brisbane, Tweed Heads
Seraphim Solar Panels

To ensure that corrosion from salt doesn’t reduce the efficiency of your system over time, it’s best to ensure that you periodically rinse your panels with clean, fresh water.

Furthermore, to mitigate the effects of humidity, you should ensure proper ventilation for your system, or use protective coatings on electrical components. If you need assistance with this, contact Auswell Energy.

It is also important to be regularly inspecting the wire and other electronic elements of your solar system to check for signs of damage.

In the event of an extreme weather event, preparation is key. You should ensure that your panels are properly secured beforehand, and disconnect from the grid if necessary.

If you need more advice about how you can mitigate the potential issues that can arise from living coastally, contact Auswell Energy today. As providers of Gold Coast solar power solutions, we can inspect your system and give you practical advice for ensuring it works efficiently for years to come.

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