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Can Solar Panels be Installed on a Detached Building on my Property?

Auswell Energy explains how solar panels can be installed on separate buildings on your property.

Installing solar panels on a detached building on your property like sheds, carports, or garages, is now an option! If this option is available to you, it can be an effective way to reduce power costs and increase the number of solar panels installed on your property.

Where is the best place to install solar panels on your property?

In some circumstances, a carport or garage may be the most ideal place for a solar power installation, instead of or in addition to the main building on the property, your house.

Factors that can impact the effectiveness of solar on your house include:

It is important to be aware of these factors before you commit to the installation to avoid complications. Sometimes these factors aren’t that obvious which is why an important step of planning your installation should include an expert inspecting your property to give you a professional assessment.

Auswell Energy is committed to providing quality Gold Coast solar power solutions. This is why we offer a free consultation before the finalisation of the sale to ensure our clients get the most out of their solar system.


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Installing Solar Panels on an Existing Carport or Garage

Adding additional solar panels to a detached building on your property means you can produce more energy output. No matter the size of the building or solar system, it can still offset your power bill and decrease reliance on the grid.


Several considerations need to be addressed for a detached building to be able to have solar power installed:

  • The building needs to be powered and connected to the main building, which also has to be powered, e.g., the house.
  • Solar must connect to the solar inverter and this needs to be located near the main power box.
  • The solar panels must be away from shade and obstruction.
  • The detached building needs to be structurally sound.
  • Sufficient square footage needs to be available.
Solar panels and Fronius power inverter
Solar Panels & Fronius Inverter

Not sure whether your detached building meets these requirements? Auswell Energy is committed to providing Gold Coast solar power solutions and is happy to help you with this process.  

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