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Everything You Need to Know Before Your Solar Installation

Auswell Energy reveals all the little things you must be aware of before installing your solar panels.

Like any new purchasing decision, it’s important to be thoroughly educated on the product before purchase, and solar panels are no different. Here we have outlined everything you need to know before you go ahead with the purchase and installation of your solar panels.

Is Your Home Suitable?

While you may want to be more sustainable or lower the cost of your electricity bill, solar panels are not available to all homes across Australia. If your roof is covered in shade throughout the day and receives little sun no matter the season, your home won’t be able to receive the benefits of solar energy. If possible, consider trimming the offending trees, just enough to ensure that the sun gets to the roof for the majority of the day. You may also be concerned about the weight solar panels may have on a roof. If you’re worried about the strength of your home’s roof, you can rest assured by seeking trusted advice and support with Auswell Energy. Our staff will listen to your query, what you’re after and then make an arrangement to assess your home. If contingencies are necessary, our expert team will also be able to show you other options that will better suit your household.


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Amount of Energy Needed to Power Your House

If you’re concerned about the electrical usage of your home and the cost it is having on your recurring electricity bill, solar panels may be a great solution for you. Solar panels are an excellent solution to get away from those high costing electricity bills, while being self-sufficient and sustainable. Solar panels really do tick all of the boxes. Today, more than ever, our daily life is completely surrounded by technology. So, when a storm or scheduled power outage takes away our power and use of technology, things can start to get stressful. With your own self-sufficient power, those days of worrying about power outages are over. You can rest assured your home will always be covered, no matter the situation you find yourself in. (See our preferred solar panels)

Installation Time Frame

From the time your home is inspected and deemed suitable, to the purchase of the products and the installation of the solar panels themselves, the process can take some time. You should allocate a month or so for the product to be fully completed, as inspections and legislation approvals can take a while. The installation of the solar panels themselves, however, won’t take too long. The duration of the installation itself will depend on each client’s specific requests and the size of their roof, though you can expect a time frame of up to one to three days. All the tricky parts, such as the inspection of your home and the approval of legal documents, can be done through your solar installer.

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Advice You Can Trust

If you have any questions about solar panels or are unsure of the accessibility of your home, regarding solar panels, our experts at Auswell Energy are here to support you. They’ll be able to answer any questions you may have about solar panels, whether solar panels will fit on your roof as well as general support. We want to see you reach your goals, whether that’s by lowering your energy bill or by making a positive difference to the environment.

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Our trusted experts will be able to support you in everything electrical, while offering trusted, lifetime advice. If you’re searching for general support or you have questions or you’re simply considering solar panels, please contact Auswell Energy today! Call us on 1300 287 955 or email us at info@auswellenergy.com. No matter your query, our team will be able to support you.

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