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If you have a house with trees, how can you maximise your solar panel system?

Auswell Energy reveals the secret to maximising your solar panels if your house is surrounded by trees.

As everyone knows, solar panels create electricity by using the energy of the sun. So, what happens if you already own solar panels, but your home has become leafier over the years? We’ll outline our top recommendations on how to optimise your solar panels, despite the potential shade.

Move Your Solar Panels

If one side of your home receives more light, due to the increase of shade made by trees, it may be worth changing the placement of your solar panels. You will have to study where exactly shade lands on your roof with each hour of the day and how this may change over the seasons. You will also have to consider whether the growing vegetation will continue to become an issue for you, depending on its growth or the impact of severe weather.

Auswell Energy can help plot these aspects out and project them over time, to help you make a plan for the potential relocation of the panels.


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If Shade is Unavoidable

Due to the demand for solar technology and the difficulties of surrounding vegetation, there is now a tool that can support your solar panels despite the shade. This tool is known as a string inverter, which essentially connects the different ‘strings’ of each solar panel. This allows the solar panels that are underneath shade to continue running as normal, meaning all solar panels will be able to contain their maximum amount of energy. For example, if the solar panel underneath the shade is only able to run at a certain capacity, then its neighbouring panels will have a restricted capacity also. This clever tool allows the panels to run without restricted-energy capacity. There are three different optimiser tools available to support your property, which are microinverters, smart panels and discrete optimisers. Auswell Energy will work with you to find the best product for you and your home.

Enphase IQ 7A Solar Inverter - Auswell Energy - Gold Coast & Brisbane
Enphase IQ 7A Solar Micro Inverter

Installing your Solar Panel Optimiser

Similar to the installation of your original solar panels, Auswell Energy strongly recommends you seek out an experienced professional to install an optimiser for you. Auswell Energy will find the most suitable optimiser for you, answer any questions you may have, whilst installing your chosen product in a timely and flawless manner. Not only will you get the most out of your solar panels when they’re covered with shade, but you can rest easy knowing you’re covered if any severe weather conditions impact your household. While solar panels may not be as efficient during storms and bad weather, they’ll run more efficiently than without the optimiser.

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As an additional product that could support your solar panels throughout a range of instances, a solar panel optimiser is certainly worthwhile. If you’re still unsure if a solar panel optimiser is for you or if you’d like to receive trusted advice, please contact us at Auswell Energy on 1300 287 955 or email us at info@auswellenergy.com .

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