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How to Extend the Life of Your Solar Batteries

Auswell Energy provides four strategies for ensuring your solar batteries run efficiently for years to come.

Solar batteries are a great backup power supply for when outages occur, and to reduce your reliance on the grid. As with any investment on improving your home, you will want your solar batteries to last as long as possible before needing replacement. As installers of solar batteries on the Gold Coast, we outline four ways to ensure that you get the longest lifespan possible from your batteries.

Avoid Deep Discharging

Allowing your solar batteries to become fully depleted, or deep discharging them, can significantly reduce their lifespan. Lithium-ion batteries (such as the Tesla Powerwall) don’t develop the sulfation issues that can plague lead-acid batteries from deep discharging, however it still strains the cathode and anode materials, resulting in a loss of capacity over time. We recommend maintaining a charge range between 30-80% to avoid these issues.

Regulate Temperatures

Keeping your solar batteries on the Gold Coast at a moderate, stable temperature is the key to maximising their lifespan. This is because extreme heat and cold can cause faster degradation of the batteries’ components. Furthermore, fluctuating temperatures can also put more stress on the system. In general, it’s best for its lifespan to maintain  your system between 0°C and 30°C. To do this, you should avoid installing the batteries in places that get very hot or very cold, like attics or garages. Good ventilation also helps to regulate high temperatures, so this should be considered when selecting an installation space.


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Regular Maintenance

Keeping solar batteries in peak condition can help to extend their lifespan, and this can be achieved through regular maintenance and inspection. Other than clearing away any general debris and grime that builds up over time, you should also be regularly checking the terminals, monitoring all cables and connections and keeping an eye on key metrics like remaining capacity and power output. This way, you can quickly address any issues as the arise and keep your batteries working to their full potential for longer.

Work with Experts

Solar battery technology is a constantly evolving industry, so to ensure that your systems are maintained to the highest standard, you should partner with a reputable solar professional like Auswell Energy. Working with a professional will result in proper installation and configuration for optimal performance for years to come.

If you’re interested in solar batteries on the Gold Coast, look no further than Auswell Energy! We are your experts in installing and maintaining your solar batteries, providing you with the best service and products.

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