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Should I Replace My Solar Panels?

Auswell Energy helps you to determine whether it’s time to replace your solar panels.

Solar panels are an excellent investment thanks to the long-term energy savings they provide. However, just like any appliance, they will eventually reach a point where they need to be replaced. To do this, you must learn the signs to look out for that indicate replacement is needed. As expert installers of solar panels in Brisbane, we outline the signs to look out for that could indicate that it’s time to replace your panels.

Decreased Energy Output

If you’ve begun noticing a significant drop in the energy production of your panels, it could be a sign of deterioration or damage. Over time, solar panels can lose efficiency due to wear and tear, and if this decline is substantial, it may be most cost-effective to replace them. In this case, it this could be a much cheaper option than repairing them in an attempt to rectify their energy output.

Visible Physical Damage

As installers of solar panels in Brisbane, we commonly see visible signs of physical damage like cracks, discolouration and warping when inspecting older panels. Physical damage can compromise the performance of your panels and could lead to further damage such as water penetration, further affecting their energy output. If you observe severe structural issues to your panels, replacement may be necessary.


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Age of the Panels

Solar panels typically have a lifespan of 25-30 years, so if yours are nearing this age, you may want to begin planning for replacement. As panels age – no matter the amount of damage affecting them – efficiency tends to diminish, resulting in a decline in energy output over time. This is an issue that is not easily solved by maintenance. In this case, replacement is a much more cost effective option in the long run.

Outdated Technology

Solar technology is always evolving and improving, with new panels being produced constantly that are more cost-effective and capable of harnessing more energy for your home.

If you have older solar panels, you may be missing out on the benefits that modern panels can provide. Thus, it could be beneficial to replace them with a more advanced and energy-efficient solar system.

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