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How Will you Prepare for This Storm Season?

Auswell Energy explains how you can prepare for storm season

You might be thinking, solar systems require the sun to generate energy. You are correct. However, solar panels can still generate energy even when the sun isn’t out, but the power they produce during cloudy or rainy days is often not enough to offset power to the home during multiple days of storms. This is why owners of solar power systems should have backup power options. 

If you have solar power on the Gold Coast or Brisbane and are connected to the grid (most houses are), you have the option to pay the bill to use electricity directly. However, for energy-independent solar users, the most feasible option is to connect/install a backup battery or as we commonly refer to it as a solar battery, to store your excess energy.  

By law, if your house has a blackout your gird-connected solar system must shut down to prevent ‘islanding’. Islanding is where a solar inverter continues to power your home even though the grid is no longer present. Because Islanding can be dangerous to utility workers it is regulation that your inverter shuts off, leaving you with no power. But there is a solution.  


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Solar Batteries – Blackout Solution

Solar batteries are made to run as a storage system for the excess energy you don’t use during the day. In the unfortunate event of a blackout, using that stored energy, a solar battery that is fitted with blackout protection or backup capability can power your home until your house’s power is back up and running.

Battery systems can be programmed to power certain areas in your home. Meaning, you can select which appliances will receive power during a blackout, for example, the circuit that your fridge is on. Having solar power on the Gold Coast or Brisbane is not enough to prepare for this storm season, a solar battery is warranted.

Sungrow Samsung Powercube Solar Battery - Auswell Energy - Gold Coast & Brisbane
Sungrow Samsung Powercube Solar Battery

Storms are unpredictable and to put it simply, your solar panels will not act as a backup generator during a storm, a solar battery will. Not only do solar batteries ensure power during problematic weather but they also help homes reduce or even eliminate electricity bills and the need for costly traditional electricity.

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