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How the Change in Season will Affect your Solar System 

Auswell Energy addresses how the change in season can impact your solar system and energy acquisition.

We all know that solar power works best when the sun is shining, but as the strength and angle of the sun vary depending on the time of day and the seasons, so does its strength.  

Commonly, the highest level of solar generation is during the day, when sunlight is prevalent for longer period of the day, usually between 10am to 4pm.  

Australian summers have longer days compared to winter months; therefore, the amount of electricity generated throughout the year is different for all seasons. This means some houses can generate twice the amount of electricity in summer than they would in winter.  

Seasonal factors that can impact the efficiency of solar production: 

  • Location  
  • Time of day 
  • Temperature 
  • Weather  


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The location of the panels on your roof impacts the efficiency of them. Optimal panel position is perpendicular to the sun.

Panels are placed prevalent to sunlight, on the side of the roof that receives the most sunlight and is unimpeded by shade.

Auswell Energy offers a free on-site consultation before recommending or installing a solar system, to ensure that panels are positioned optimally for energy efficiency.


Commonly, cloudy weather in Australia occurs in the winter months, where the days are already shorter. While your home solar panels will continue to produce during these times, their energy consumption will be less. You might think that rain will impact your panel performance but that isn’t the case, it’s the clouds that follow.

When monitoring your solar panel performance, it is important to note that Spring and Summer are the times your panels will perform at their best.

Time of Day

Solar panels produce energy when the sun is shining, they do not produce any solar energy at night. However, the incorporation of a battery into your solar system allows you to store excess energy your panels produce during the day to use at night. Auswell Energy offers a range of quality batteries, paired with a quality install by our qualified team of installers.


The optimal temperature for solar panels is around 25 degrees. The overall power that solar panels will generate decreases once temperatures go over 25 degrees. This decrease is due to the electrons within the panels becoming overactive, causing a decrease in overall voltage that the panel can generate.

What Month is Best for Solar Panels?

There is no set month that is classified as the BEST for solar panel production. Instead, it is more accurate to say that there are months panels will perform better due to consistent, optimal weather conditions.

Optimal weather conditions are:

  • Clear, unaffected sunlight
  • Regular, lengthy sunlight
  • Weather at or below 25 degrees Celsius.
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LG Solar Battery

We find that panels are at their most efficient in months that fall in summer and spring.

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