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Renewable vs. Non-Renewable Energy

Auswell Energy shares insights on the future of renewable energy.

There is now more push than ever to switch to renewable energy. With Australia now targeting to achieve net zero emissions by 2050, the country is quickly shifting from non-renewable resources to renewable ones. But what do these terms mean.

Essentially, energy generation comes from two sources: non-renewable (such as coal, natural gas, and oil) and renewable (such as solar, wind, and hydro). It’s important to consider the good and the bad of both when looking towards the future. Let’s have a look at non-renewable vs. renewable energy sources, their benefits, and the weaknesses of such styles of energy production.

Non-Renewable Energy

Non-renewable resources are sources that, once used up, completely run out and can’t be replaced. This means that demand will continuously rise until all non-renewable resources are depleted, increasing the price consistently over the years. Non-renewable resources make up the majority of energy consumption throughout the world, with renewable energy only making up 15.9% of global energy consumption in 2021.

Non-renewable energy sources usually come from fossil fuels: a type of fuel found beneath the surface of the Earth and formed from natural materials like animal and plant matter. Compression over thousands of year form them into useful fuels or materials. The main fossil fuels used for energy consumption are:

  • Coal
  • Natural gas
  • Oil (or petroleum)


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The use or burning of these fossil fuels creates harmful emissions and pollutants that damage the environment, increase air pollution, and creates holes in the ozone layer. These gases are typically known as Greenhouse Gases (methane, nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide etc.) and are one of the main reasons for the switch to renewable energy, in addition to the limited number of resources.

Renewable Energy

With coal (Australia’s main non-renewable source and major export) only estimated to last another 125 years, and this number likely to decrease as global energy consumption increases yearly, renewable energy is the way forward.

Renewable energy means energy coming from sources that are constantly replenished and are essentially never ending. Renewable sources come from harnessing the energy of the earth and originates from five major sources:

  • Solar – Using solar panels, the suns energy can be converted into electricity which is great for residential use.
  • Water – Using fast moving water to spin a turbine blade, hydropower uses the force of the water to generate electricity.
  • Geothermal – This method uses heat to create electricity by drilling deep and creating thermal vents.
  • Wind – Wind turbines are used to harness the force of the wind, generating power through the spinning of the blades (this is the largest clean energy provider in Australia)
  • Biomass – Converting organic matter waste products such as plants, animals, or wood into energy.

Although renewable energy still generates emission and creates waste, it is far lower than non-renewable sources and with the Australian government’s investment in clean energy, more jobs are being created in this new industry.

Renewable energy sources such as solar panels may be more expensive to set up, but as long as the sun still rises, there is no time limit to this bountiful renewable resource. This means that you will save money over time and are investing in the future of energy.

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