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Planning for Solar when Building a New Home

Auswell Energy runs through things you should consider when planning solar when building a new home.

Building a new home is an exciting journey with many possibilities, and one of those opportunities is an energy efficient home. This article runs through some things you should consider when planning your home for solar energy.

Your land and location

The orientation of your plot of land influences the angle and position of your home which directly influences the positioning and angle of your solar panels.

If the orientation isn’t ideal, your house may have to be built in a way that causes your solar panels to underperform.

If your land is on a hill, it’s possible that your solar panels will be shaded for part of the day causing your panels to underperform. This is mainly the case if your house is being shaded from the north or east.


When buying land, look for some factors that can potentially shade your house and panels such as tall trees, or a nearby apartment building that casts a shadow over your land for part of the day.

  • Tall trees
  • Multistorey buildings nearby
  • Distance from neighbours


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While observing these obstructions, consider how they will affect the location of your solar panels.

Of course, these factors are usually out of your control, but consulting with a solar power installer can help you work around these obstacles.

Roof Design

You don’t have to design your roof solely with solar panels in mind, but there are some design choices you can make that will make solar installation smoother.

Work with your builder and consult a certified solar installer to design a roof that incorporates the ideal material, angle and position compatible with solar panels.

Read our previous article Which Direction Should I Face My Solar Panels for more information on solar panel orientation.

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Pre-wiring and pre-laying

Pre-wiring solar panels while construction is occurring is much easier and cost and time-effective than waiting until after the plasterboard is laid. Pre-wiring will also ensure the look and safety of your home.

Pre-laying solar panels on a multi-storey home are better when the scaffolding is still up, so you don’t have to spend more on erecting scaffolding later down the line.

It’s best to plan ahead and call in a solar panel installer a couple of months in advance so we can coordinate with everyone to schedule pre-wiring and pre-laying.

How much can you save with solar? Use our Solar Savings Calculator.

Inverter, switchboard and battery placement

When designing your home, you can make sure that your inverter, switchboard and battery are all placed in an ideal place like the garage. Planning this also lets you have everything in one place.

Contact Solar Professionals

If you’re planning to build a house with a solar system in the Brisbane or Gold Coast area, consult our professional solar installers to help you plan your new house for solar installation. Invest in your future and increase the value of your home with our solar installation options.

At Auswell Energy, we believe in making clean energy accessible to everyone. Our residential solar power installations in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and Tweed Heads are the perfect way to do it.



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