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Solar Batteries: Are They Worth It?

Auswell Energy unpacks all solar battery related questions.

Picture this, your entire home has an electrical shortage during a particularly angry storm season. You’ve been out of power for days, meaning you’ve lost all of the produce in your fridge, not only this but you’ve been unable to keep up with your show on Netflix. Sounds pretty miserable, right? Well, backup batteries are a great solution to your problems. But the next question is: are solar batteries worth it?

Firstly, how do solar batteries work?

Before we can properly dive into the logistics of the battery and its worth, we need to look at its function and how it runs. Solar batteries create energy from the solar panels on your roof, during the day when it’s sunny. This excess energy can be applied to multiple separate batteries, allowing you to do what you please. With such a great source of energy, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have an area in your home solely dedicated to backup batteries. It’s also worth noting that some electrical companies will offer to take any excess electricity off your hands that’s developed by your solar panels. This is a great opportunity to make some extra cash.


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Will You Use It Enough?

Weighing up your options as to where you might want to use your solar battery, it all comes down to you as the individual. If you’re hoping to use the solar battery as a backup in case for emergencies, it really is an insurance policy. After the storm season we just had, losing power on top of flooding and other incidences, can be debilitating. It’s important to note that solar batteries derive their source of power from your solar panels. If you’ve had rain for many days, as Brisbane recently experienced, you’re unlikely to receive the amount of power you need for your home to function appropriately. If you have a solar battery installed, power can be transferred from the battery to run the household until the rain stops and the solar panels can switch back on. The question of “will you use it enough?” is all based on what you wish to use the battery for, as well as your individual circumstances, such as where you live.

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How much do solar batteries cost?

Now that you’ve weighed up your options of whether the solar battery will be truly beneficial for you, let’s look at the cost. The cost of the product and installation in Australia will cost an average of $800-1000 per kWh. While the costs do change depending on how much energy you’re hoping to install, the overall product is not cheap. While you will be saving money with the use of a solar battery for your appliances around the home, it’ll be up to you to consider whether the product will save you enough to make the price worthwhile. If your home is completely solar-run, not only will you save money on electricity, you could also save money on fuel if you own an electric car. You could potentially have a secure blackout solution, while also being protected by demanding electrical and fuel prices.

Sungrow Solar Battery - Auswell Energy - Gold Coast
Sungrow Solar Battery

In Conclusion

As mentioned above, this depends on each person’s unique circumstance, but overall, given our climate, our solar experts are saying yes. You can save a decent amount of money running solar batteries coupled with the peace of mind you’ll have power no matter the weather.

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