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5 Common Myths About Solar Power Systems

Auswell Energy debunks 5 common myths surrounding solar power.

There can be a lot of mystery surrounding the solar power industry in Australia. You’re often shown shouty ads about solar panels on TV, or you have heard some urban myths about how solar can hold you through a power outage or how solar panels don’t work on cloudy days. In this article, we will go through some of the common myths about solar power and debunk them.

1. Solar panels don’t work when it’s cloudy

Your solar panels can still produce energy on cloudy or overcast days. This is because sunlight still penetrates through cloud cover, although your solar energy production will be reduced by 40-70% of your normal output. Read our previous blog for information on how shading can affect your solar panels.

2. Solar panels will provide energy during a power outage

This is false! Most solar power systems have safety measures in place to stop working when the power is out in the grid. As stated before, solar panels produce energy as long as there’s some sort of sunlight cast on them. If you have a grid-connected system (which is most likely the case) your solar panels may export into the grid, which is very dangerous for electrical workers on the case. If you want a system that still operates during a power outage, make sure to talk with a solar power system expert.


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 3. You can’t use solar energy at night

It’s true that solar panels don’t work at night—there is no sunlight to capture after all. But you can use solar energy at night if you have a solar battery. If your panels produce more energy than you use, this excess energy can be used to charge a residential solar battery.

4. Solar panels take a lot of effort to maintain

Although it’s important to maintain your panels regularly, it usually doesn’t go above and beyond monitoring and occasionally hosing down your panels. If you live in areas with more unpredictable weather, coastal areas, or construction zones, you may need to clean your panels more than other people. If you notice any stubborn dirt or debris resting on your panels, it’s best to call in a professional to clean your panels. If you notice that your panels aren’t performing as they should despite no obvious obstructions, then you should contact your solar installer to check for any underlying issues.

5. I’m not home during the day so I won’t save money with solar

You may not be actively using electricity during the day but there is still baseload energy consumption. This is energy consumption when a property is unoccupied due to appliances that are required to be running 24/7 like refrigerators, alarm clocks, or other appliances left on standby.

Installing a solar panel system will let you offset this baseload energy consumption, helping you save more on your energy bill. On the days that you are home, consider using heavier appliances like the dishwasher or washing machine during the day to further save on your energy bill. For more tips on saving energy, read our previous blog.

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There are many more myths surrounding solar power where some seem more trivial, and some are a bit more technical. If you’re looking to get solar power in Brisbane or Gold Coast, and you’re unsure about anything solar-related, contact us to chat with our friendly experts.

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