Do I Need to Worry About My Solar Panels and Hail?

Brisbane is known for its unpredictable weather, Auswell Energy explains what you should do if you suspect your solar panels have sustained hail damage.

Australian standard solar panels are made to withstand golf ball-sized hail stones, so it’s quite rare for your solar panels to be damaged by hail. But Brisbane is known for its severe and unpredictable storms, for instance in 2020 parts of South-East Queensland were pelted with tennis ball-sized hail that damaged numerous homes and businesses. If you’re looking to install solar panels in Brisbane, chances are that your panels will experience severe storms.

Read on to find out how you can identify hail damage to your solar panels and the steps you can take to fix it.

How to check for damage

There are two ways you can check if your solar panels are damaged:

  1. Check your inverter
  2. Check your solar panels themselves

If your solar panels aren’t functioning as they should, your inverter will pick up on this and alert you with a red light, a fault display, or no energy production. If this is the case, then you should contact your solar installer for a closer look.

Inverters usually come with apps where you can track your solar panel output in more detail. This app can help you diagnose any issues too; just compare your usual production with your production after a storm. If there are any negative anomalies, chances are there is something wrong with your system.

If you can see your solar panels from the ground, check if there are any visible cracks or shatters. If you don’t see any but are still experiencing reduced production, call an expert to take a closer look. There is a chance that your panels have micro-cracks or internal damage.


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What to do if my panels are damaged?

You should call a licenced solar repair technician to take a look at your panels, and you should inform your insurance provider.

Damaged panels need to be replaced and often your insurance can take care of those costs.

Do not attempt to turn off your inverter if there are signs of water damage or if you suspect there is water damage.

How do I protect my solar panels?

Solar panels are an investment, so the first step you should take to protect your solar panels is by informing your insurance provider to include solar panel cover in your home and contents. Make sure that this covers damage caused by severe storms and hail.

Other things you can do is keep an eye on the weather and prepare ahead for storms.

For more information, read our previous blog What Does Bad Weather Mean for your Solar Panels?

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Storm season in Brisbane definitely puts your solar panels through their paces, so it’s important to get your solar panels installed by a trained, licenced and accredited solar technician. If you’re looking to get solar panels in Brisbane or Gold Coast, contact us today to chat about solar.

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