How Does Your Home Use Solar Power?

Auswell Energy explains how solar energy is made and used by your home.

The technology behind solar power systems is quite complicated, but the theory behind how it works is quite straightforward. It’s important to understand how a solar system works so you can make the most of the electricity produced by your system. This article will focus on grid-connected solar power systems, so read on to learn more.

What a solar power system needs to work

There are a couple of components that a grid-connected solar system needs to work. These are:

  1. Solar panels
  2. Inverter
  3. Switchboard
  4. Meter
  5. Electricity network (grid)

How a solar power system works

During a sunny day, the solar PV cells in your solar panels absorb the electricity from sunshine and generate Direct Current (DC) electricity. This DC electricity is then converted to 230V AC electricity by the inverter.

Your home uses this AC electricity, to power appliances, which is regulated by the switchboard. The meter measures how much electricity you produce and consume; this data is used for your electricity bill. Any excess energy is then exported to the grid.


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How a grid-tie system can be set up

There are two ways a grid-connected solar power system is set up:

  1. Your home uses less electricity than what is produced
  2. Your home uses more electricity than what is produced

In the case your home uses less than your panels produce, the excess electricity is exported to the grid or is used to charge a home solar battery. If you want to export excess electricity to the grid, it’s best to look at and compare feed-in tariffs offered by electricity companies. This is a credit that is paid to you and depends on how much electricity you produce and export. You can compare feed-in tariffs in your area here.

In the case your home uses more electricity than what is produced, your house will draw from the grid to supplement according to your needs. For example, your household uses 3kW, your solar panels produce 2.3kW, then 0.3kW will be drawn from the grid to meet your electricity demands. You will only be billed for the amount you use.

Benefits of a grid-tie solar power system

There are a couple of benefits to a grid-connected solar system, for instance:

  • You can capitalise on excess electricity production using the feed-in tariff
  • Grid-connected systems are cheaper and are easier to integrate into your current lifestyle
  • You will save on your electricity bill no matter what
  • You will reduce your reliance on the grid
  • They are cheaper to purchase, install and maintain than off-grid systems

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