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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Solar Battery

Auswell Energy will run through the 5 common mistakes made when purchasing a solar battery for the first time.

Although a solar power system has a hefty initial expense, once established, you will see the savings roll in. So, it’s only natural to want to upgrade your solar system by installing a battery. You’ll be able to store and use solar energy whenever you want, but there are some things that buyers tend to miss when first purchasing a solar battery.

1. Not enough solar panels

A common mistake is purchasing a solar battery that’s too big for your current system. In other words, you purchase a solar battery that does not get charged fully because your panels do not produce enough energy.

A way to avoid this is by ensuring that your solar battery is big enough to be fully charged by your current solar system. If you are installing a battery alongside your system, consider installing enough panels to fit your choice of battery.

2. Underestimating your energy needs

Most Australian homes need a considerable amount of energy to sustain their lifestyles. The average-sized system is 6.6kW, but it is becoming increasingly common to install a bigger system to accommodate a solar battery. These bigger systems are 8-10kW which allows you to adequately charge your solar battery each day.


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A way to avoid underestimating your solar battery size is by looking at your current system and your current energy usage and seeking the advice of a professional installer.

3. Not considering your future energy needs

Families grow, you upgrade to a bigger house, or you introduce more appliances into your household. A lot of things can change within the 25+ year lifespan of solar systems, so installing a battery that doesn’t accommodate the growth of your home is not ideal.

A way to avoid this is to again assess your current energy usage, and by asking your solar battery installer if your battery or system is scalable.

For more information on system scaling, read our previous blog.

4. Not getting the solar battery installed properly

Purchasing a solar battery and installing it is an investment alongside your solar system, so cheaping out on the battery or installation can cause problems down the line.

Lithium-ion batteries generate heat when it charges and discharges, and if this process doesn’t happen properly due to poor installation, electrical faults can occur and can potentially cause a fire.

To avoid this, go with an experienced and accredited installer and purchase a solar battery that has been verified and certified by a trusted party.

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Sungrow Home Solar Battery

5. Not maintaining the solar battery

Neglecting your solar battery can lead to undetected faults which can be detrimental to your battery.

As a rule of thumb, you should be servicing your entire system once every 6 months, but you should also be monitoring your battery regularly for any anomalies. Some batteries allow you to monitor your batteries through your inverter.

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Creating a solar system takes a lot of planning and forethought, and it can be difficult to choose the right products. Talking to an expert can let you streamline the process and help you understand what you want out of solar.

If you’re looking to install solar batteries in Brisbane, talk to our experienced team to help you decide what type of solar battery is right for you.

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