How to Optimise Your Solar System During A Rainy Season

Auswell Energy talks how to get the most from your solar system during wet weather.

After installing your new solar power system and the first rainy season approaches, you may have found yourself wondering if your solar system will still work when it rains.

The good news is, yes, it will!

If you’ve ever been sunburnt on an overcast day, you know that the sun can still pack a punch through cloud cover. Although your solar system’s output won’t be as high when compared to a clear sunny day, there is still significant energy permeating through the clouds, which is great news for you and your solar system.

Because the output of your system won’t be as high on a rainy day, here are 4 Solar tips to optimise your solar system.

1. Keep your solar panels clear of shadows

In a previous post, Auswell energy explains how shade affects the efficiency of your solar panels. Keeping your panels clear from shadows and shade will ensure optimal energy reaches your panels for you to utilise.

2. Perform routine maintenance and inspections

Rainy weather can also mean storm season. Checking your solar panels are free from debris and damage after a storm is vital to maintaining your panel’s overall health, and efficiency.

3. Ensure your solar panels are installed at optimal angles and direction

A bonus of rain is that it removes any film of dirt and residue that may have settled on your solar panels between rains. When your panels are installed at the correct angles, the water will run off the panels properly, removing any grime. It will also ensure that rain won’t collect on your solar panels, blocking potential energy absorption.

4. Consider a solar battery


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The best way to ensure you have sufficient energy on a rainy day is by having a battery installed as part of your solar system. The battery will have energy stored from your solar system so that on a rainy day when your panels are not able to produce maximum output, you don’t have to stress about your household’s energy consumption.

You can find out more about solar batteries here.

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