Solar Panels in Coastal Areas: What You Need To Know

Auswell Energy explains the factors that can affect your solar panels in coastal areas.

Living next to the coast is a dream for many Aussies, but coastal conditions can come as a challenge, especially for your solar panels. Solar panels are especially vulnerable to continued exposure to sea spray which can cause serious problems down the line. Continue reading to find out how sea spray can affect your panels.

How does sea spray affect solar panels?

Sea spray can affect solar panels in three ways:
  1. Salt corrosion
  2. Galvanic corrosion
  3. Sea grime

Salt corrosion

Under normal circumstances, corrosion is a slow process, but in coastal areas, constant water and salt can speed up this process.

In cases like these, you should look into tier-one panels that reach the salt mist resistance standard set by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). This standard is called IEC 61701 and is usually conveyed in a solar panel product’s datasheet as “Salt Mist Corrosion Resistance”.

You should ensure that an independent 3rd party has verified that the panels have met the standards and have issued certification.


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Salt corrosion can also affect solar inverters, so it’s important to keep your inverter sheltered—ideally inside the garage—or invest in a high-quality inverter with corrosion resistance.

Galvanic corrosion

Galvanic corrosion occurs when two different metals are in contact with each other. This isn’t much of an issue when conditions are dry, but sea spray can increase the rate of corrosion to the weaker metal. For instance, when a solar panel aluminium frame is in contact with steel mounting hardware, corrosion will affect the aluminium frame.

Sea grime

Sea grime is a gritty and salty layer that’s caused by sea spray landing on an object. If sea grime is left to build up, it can affect the output of your solar panels. To avoid this, you should either clean your panels regularly or if possible, add additional panels to make up for lost output. For more information on how your solar production can be reduced, read our blog How Shading Can Affect your Solar Panels.

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Seraphim Solar Panels

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