Does Temperature Affect Solar Panel Performance?

Auswell Energy debunks the myth that solar panels work best during the summer months.

The Gold Coast is known for its sunny, warm weather; but that doesn’t stop the temperature from plunging into the single digits during winter. In fact, 2022 saw the temperature drop to 7.9 degrees Celsius. Thus, during the colder months, you may be concerned about how well your solar panels are performing – but winter is not the season you should be concerned about. Keep reading to discover how temperature affects your solar system on the Gold Coast.

Does temperature affect my solar panel’s energy absorption?

Yes, temperature affects your solar panel’s efficiency. In fact, cold weather can be more beneficial for aiding your panels in absorbing energy.

In general, for every degree above 25 degrees Celsius, the efficiency of your panels decreases. This is because the semiconductor materials in the photovoltaic cells become more conductive when exposed to heat. This increases the flow of charge carriers which in turn reduces the voltage generated by your panels. Thus, the higher the temperature, the less energy is absorbed to power your home.

This degradation in efficiency can vary slightly depending on the type of panel. The amount of energy your individual panels may lose in the heat can usually be found in the panel specification sheet.

This not-so-fun fact can be frustrating to learn, as we’re sure you want to take full advantage of the sunny Gold Coast weather.


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What can I do to help alleviate this reduction in absorption?

Seraphim Solar Panels - Auswell Energy - Gold Coast, Brisbane, Tweed Heads
Seraphim Solar Panels

We understand that there’s not much you can do about the extreme heat that Queensland routinely experiences. However, there are a few strategies you can put in place to mitigate the effects of high temperatures on your solar absorption.

Firstly, it is important to liaise with a solar expert to ensure that your panels are installed to help reduce overheating. Leaving a gap between your panel and its mounting structure to promote airflow can help keep them cooler during the hotter months. Reflective coatings can also help to prevent your panels from becoming too hot, and there are specific models that are designed to better withstand high temperatures. To determine the best installation option for your panels, contact Auswell Energy – the experts in solar systems on the Gold Coast.

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