Energy Saving Tips for Small Business Owners

Auswell Energy outlines 5 tips to save you money on your power bill.

We’re sure that as a small business owner, you appreciate learning ways to cut down day-to-day costs so that more money can be spent growing your business. As advocates for renewable energy, we have several tips and tricks that can help your business can save energy, including installing solar panels. Brisbane-based businesses, such as yours, can benefit from becoming more energy efficient – not only to save money – but also to improve your customer relations by showing you are environmentally conscious.

1. Conduct an Energy Audit

As installers of solar panels in Brisbane and energy-saving experts, we always recommend that business owners complete an energy audit of their current practices. To do this, begin by assessing your current energy consumption and identifying areas for improvement. An energy audit can help you pinpoint energy inefficiencies and prioritise energy-saving measures.

2. Switch to Energy-Efficient Lighting and Natural Light

Replace traditional incandescent bulbs with energy-efficient LED or CFL lights. These options consume less energy, last longer, and provide significant cost savings over time.

Furthermore, you can take advantage of natural light during the day by opening blinds or curtains. This reduces the need for artificial lighting and creates a more pleasant work environment for your employees.


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3. Insulate Your Building

Did you know that as much as 50% of the energy used to cool an uninsulated building can be wasted through air leaks? This can increase your electricity bill significantly. Proper insulation and sealing can prevent air leaks and improve temperature regulation. This reduces the load on heating and cooling systems, leading to energy savings.

4. Power Down your Equipment

Leaving electrical equipment on or in idle mode wastes energy and can be unsafe. Thus, you should encourage your employees to power down computers, printers and other equipment when not in use. If applicable, you can also activate power-saving modes on devices to minimise energy consumption during idle periods.

5. Install Solar

One of the most effective ways to save energy in your small business is to install solar panels. Although they incur an upfront cost, converting to renewable energy from solar can help offset your electricity usage and reduce

Solar Panels & Inverter

long-term energy costs. Solar is also one of the best ways to enhance your business’s reputation and demonstrate your commitment to sustainability.

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