What is the Installation Process for Solar Panels?

Auswell Energy outlines the basics for how solar panels are installed.

If you’re considering solar panels for your home, you may be wondering what the installation process looks like. There are some variations in the method depending on factors such as the type of roof you have or whether you are connecting your panels to the grid, however the general process remains the same. Keep reading to learn the process for residential solar installations.

The Installation Process

Before the installation process, your solar installer will have reviewed your home and roof to determine the best position for your panels. You can learn more about this preliminary stage here. After the initial inspection, your provider will consult with you to book a day and time to install your panels.

Below are the general steps for how solar panels are installed. This method may vary depending on your roof or the positioning of the solar panels.

1. Mounts are installed

Firstly, mounts are drilled into the roof that is designed to hold your solar panels. The type of mount required for your panels depends on the style of your roof. For example, if your roof is corrugated iron, specific curved mounts will be used. Auswell Energy can survey your roof and determine the best mounts for your panels.

2. Panels are placed on mounts

Once the mounts have been drilled into your roof, the panels will be placed and secured by your installer. During this step, they will ensure that your panels are properly orientated for maximum energy absorption.


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3. Electrical wiring is completed

After your panels are securely in place, installing electrical wiring is next. This involves connecting cables from the panels to an inverter, which will be installed near your main electrical panel.

If you plan to connect your panels to the grid, you will need to liaise with your electricity distributor. Your installer will also reconfigure your meter prior to connecting your panels to the grid.

4. System is tested

When your panels are connected to your home’s electrical system and the grid, your installer will test them thoroughly to ensure they are working correctly. This includes checking the performance of the individual panels and a comprehensive system inspection.

That’s it! After this process is completed, you’re ready to enjoy the benefits of solar power. If you want to learn more about residential solar installations or want to enquire about solar for your home, contact Auswell Energy today. Also, check out our solar installation options.

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