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How Does a Solar Inverter Work?

What is a solar inverter? Auswell Energy explains the basics of a solar inverter and why they are so important.

Your home solar power system is not complete without an inverter. A solar inverter can be considered the most vital part of your solar power system as it converts energy generated by your solar panels into usable electricity.

What is an inverter?

A solar inverter is often attached to either a wall or roof of a house and converts direct current (DC) electricity into alternating current (AC) electricity. DC electricity is generated by the solar panels which is then converted into AC electricity that is usable by the building and appliances within.

How does a solar inverter work?

The process begins with your solar photovoltaic (PV) system captures sun rays (a.k.a. photons). Electrons from these photons are split from the atom and are moved inside the panels by the cell. This creates DC energy that’s collected by the circuits inside the cells that converts it into DC electricity.

This DC electricity is sent off to the solar inverter where it converts it to AC electricity. This AC electricity is sent to the switchboard which is used to power your home.


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Types of Inverters

There are three types of inverters:

1. Grid-tie inverters

A grid-tie inverter converts DC electricity into AC electricity that’s able to be sent into the grid. For a grid-tie inverter to effectively send electricity into the grid, it must produce the exact phase and voltage of the grid sine wave AC waveform.

2. Battery backup inverters

A battery backup inverter allows you to use the stored energy in a solar battery. Solar batteries store DC electricity, so in order to use that, the inverter converts it into AC electricity. This inverter allows you to use energy during power outages, but anti-isolation protection must be equipped.

3. Stand-alone inverters

Stand-alone inverters are typically for buildings that are isolated from the main grid. Again, it converts DC electricity to AC electricity, and because it doesn’t connect to the grid, it doesn’t need anti-isolation protection.

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