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4 Tips to Make the Most of your Solar Panel System This Winter

Auswell Energy explores some tips to make the most of your solar panels this winter.

The average household tends to use more energy during winter, but solar panels produce significantly less energy. This can increase the amount of energy you draw from the grid and ultimately increase your energy bill.

How winter affects solar panel performance

Cold temperatures don’t affect solar panel performance; the short winter days are what affect solar energy output. June is the worst month for solar energy output because of the winter solstice. The winter solstice is the shortest day of the year, and it typically takes place on the 22nd of June in Australia. Because the sun rises so late and sets so early, your solar panels will receive less sunlight which is why solar panels produce less energy.

Winter, however, are some of the best months for solar panel performance because solar panels perform better in cooler temperatures.

1. Install more solar panels

The simplest way to combat the lower energy production is to install more solar panels. A 6.6kW system in Brisbane will output 20.2kWh during winter, whereas in wither it will generate about 26.4kWh during summer. This output can be increased by converting to a 10kW system. The viability of this tip relies on the amount of space you have on your roof.


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2. Install a solar battery

Solar batteries can store excess energy produced by your solar panels, allowing you to use solar energy when there’s little to no energy production. This can help reduce the amount of energy you draw from the grid.

Learn more about the benefits of having solar batteries installed, read our post: Solar Batteries: Are They Worth It?

3. Increase the tilt of the panels

The ideal tilt of your solar panels depends on the latitude of your area. The ideal tilt in Brisbane is around 27 degrees, but the optimal tilt would be an extra 15 degrees on top of that. During June, the best tilt angle would be around 52 degrees, but this isn’t ideal throughout the entire year.

For more information on solar panel angle, read our post: What effect does roof pitch have on solar panels?

4. Improve the thermal comfort of your home

Although you could upgrade your house’s building envelope and/or specifications, it is costly and time-consuming and not a viable option for everyone. But there are some simple things you can do to keep your house warm during winter:

  • Seal gaps in windowsills where air can leak
  • Keep doors closed and cover up gaps between the door and the floor
  • Let the sun in during the day
  • And use curtains or blinds to keep the heat in when the sun goes down
  • Lay rugs on tiles or wooden floors
  • Or simply keep yourself warm
For more information on seasons’ effects on your solar system, read our previous post How the Change in Season will Affect your Solar System
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