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What you need to know before buying a solar system. A beginners guide! 

Auswell Energy's tell all blog on what you need to know before purchasing a solar power system.

1. The main components of a solar power system

There are 3 main components to a solar power system. It is important to know what goes into a solar power system so that you are fully aware of what you are having installed on your roof.

Solar panels:  are comprised of many small photovoltaic cells, allowing them to convert sunlight into energy (electricity). Solar panel brands Auswell Energy provides are:

  • Seraphim
  • Hyundai
  • Jinko
  • LONGi
  • Canadian Solar

Solar inverter: inverters are a very important component to a solar system. They invert or “translate” the solar energy collected during the day from your solar panels, so that your home and the grid can use that energy. Solar inverter brands Auswell Energy provides are:

  • Solaredge
  • Fronius
  • Sungrow
  • Enphase


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Monitoring: A monitor uses real-time data to track the productivity of your solar system.  

Have questions about home solar power systems? See our FAQ page.

2. Do your research to find a quality installer!

The installation is just as important as the products used. Check multiple review sites, companies star ratings, and look for message consistency across, Facebook, Google and solar quotes providers.

Thankfully, you already know one quality solar power installer that services Brisbane, the Gold Coast and surrounding areas (including Tweed Heads), Auswell Energy. With our five-star rating and endless positive reviews, you can be rest assured your solar installation is in the best hands.

3. Know the basics of roof direction

Firstly, the sun rises in the east, and sets in the west. Panels facing east and west will produce around 10% to 11% less energy per year than north facing panels. However, an east and west-facing household can self-consume more solar energy, before and after school/work. This accelerates their systems payback compared to a house that is north facing.

The prime panel angle to get the most out of your solar year-round, for houses in Brisbane is 26° pitch. This isn’t to say that all other roof angles aren’t going to get you great savings on your electricity bills, this is just the optimal roof angle.

Want to know more about your options? Contact Auswell Energy, your trusted solar power installers servicing Brisbane.

4. A helpful tip for when your solar is installed. Know how your home uses solar energy?

Thankfully for you, your homes solar system will only operate in one of two ways.

One, your solar system is generating more solar than your household needs/uses. This means that your surplus energy goes back to the grid, and you could get a feed-in tariff, meaning you make money on your solar.

Two, your household is using more energy than your solar system is producing. This means that you will need to purchase additional energy from the grid.

Some ways to mitigate the amount of energy you need to purchase from the grid, is to only use certain appliances like your dish washer and washing machine during the day, when your solar system is generating electricity.

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