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Why Gold Coast Residents Are Shifting To Solar Batteries

Auswell Energy explains why people on the Gold Coast are switching to solar batteries for their homes and businesses.

Because of Australia’s unpredictable weather, having a backup power source for your home or business can be a useful asset. Due to new technology, the days of having to rely on a generator run on fuel are over. Other than the obvious environmental benefits of solar, here’s why more and more business and homeowners are making the switch from traditional power generators to solar batteries on the Gold Coast.

They’re reliable.

Unlike a traditional generator, solar batteries provide a reliable, consistent source of energy – excellent for the Gold Coast storm season. Furthermore, there’s no need for having to plan ahead or leave home in order to purchase fuel, as solar batteries are constantly charging from solar energy. This can save a lot of time and stress when it comes to power outages.

They’re quiet.

Gold Coast residents value their peace and quiet, and that’s why solar batteries are a great choice. Unlike traditional generators that are incredibly noisy, solar batteries are almost completely soundless. This can be especially beneficial for business owners, as employees will not be distracted by a loud, annoying generator in the event of an outage.

They’re cheaper in the long run.

Solar batteries are often criticised for their upfront cost for installation, however they can save a lot of money over time. Not only can they increase the value of your home, but they are also incredibly low maintenance and do not require the additional costs of fuel. Furthermore, due to their increase in popularity, solar batteries are becoming increasingly more affordable.


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