Rapid Changes to the Prices of Solar!

Auswell Energy speaks on the rapidly changing prices of solar systems.

In the last week, the solar industry worldwide has seen many changes, impacting the prices of solar systems here in Australia.

All of our solar panel suppliers have informed us that the costs of panels are rising at a rapid pace due to the unfolding circumstances in China. With that being said, the team at Auswell Energy is reluctantly announcing a price increase notice, with no substitute for Q4 and the coming year of 2022.

What is causing this price increase?

Factory closures due to Chinese power cuts.

In the past few weeks, authorities in China have implemented power cuts at many of their factories to meet official energy targets, forcing them to shut down for periods of time

The shutdowns of these factories have caused a major upset in the market. There have been delays and cancellations of many scheduled orders and shipments. For many, this has become a case of enforcing Force Majeure, relieving both parties of their contracts to one another.


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The Australian Dollar (AUD) has hit a 2021 low.

As a result of the current rate of the Australian dollar (AUD) being so low, the cost to trade overseas has increased. Many of the panel suppliers in the industry have raised their prices to cover their increased trading costs. Unfortunately, this has caused Auswell Energy to consistently monitor the situation and revise our pricing to adapt to current conditions.

Shipping cost surge.

There has been a sudden wave in demand, following the downturn from the coronavirus pandemic. This sudden incline in demand has caused the cost of sea freight to significantly increase internationally which in turn increases the cost to import panels into Australia.

Please note, there might be additional price changes over the coming months and into next year due to this evolving situation in China and around the world. Rest assured, Auswell Energy is monitoring this situation closely and is working tirelessly to secure and lock in stock to keep pricing stable. Most importantly, we will keep our customers informed of any ongoing industry and pricing changes.

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