Troubleshooting Your Solar Battery System

Auswell Energy explains how to troubleshoot issues that can occur with your solar battery system.

The popularity of solar batteries in Brisbane has skyrocketed in recent years. In fact, 6.1 million solar panels were installed in Australia just last year! If you’re one of the many households now using solar batteries, troubleshooting issues with your system may occur from time to time. Getting your solar battery system working properly is important to maximise solar energy storage and get the most out of your investment. In this blog, we make sure you can get those benefits by equipping you with the troubleshooting knowledge you need. 


Keeping batteries at optimal temperature is crucial for performance and longevity. Overheating can be caused by hot weather, insufficient ventilation, a faulty cooling system, or problems with thermal sensors.

There are solutions you can try to remedy the overheating of your solar batteries, including…

  • Cleaning fans and heat sinks to improve airflow.
  • Checking the installation location has adequate ventilation and spacing around the batteries. There should be unobstructed airflow to allow heat to dissipate.
  • Monitor usage to avoid overloading. Stagger high-power appliances so they don’t all switch on at once. Upgrade to a larger battery bank if needed.
  • Consider battery cooling fans or air conditioning if ambient temperatures are extreme.


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Connectivity Issues

An issue that can occur with solar battery systems is losing connectivity between the batteries and other system components such as the inverters or energy management systems. This can prevent the system from operating properly.

If you experience intermittent or complete loss of connectivity with your solar batteries, there are several troubleshooting steps to try…

  • Check all connections and cables to ensure they are fully plugged in and secure.
  • Inspect communication devices and replace any that are damaged or faulty.
  • Update firmware on the batteries and other components like inverters to eliminate any compatibility issues.
  • Scan for interference from nearby appliances and electronics.
Tesla Powerwall Solar Battery - Auswell Energy - Gold Coast, Brisbane, Tweed Heads
Tesla Powerwall Battery

If problems persist, or require adjustments to electrical components that pose a hazard, consult qualified technicians in Brisbane, such as Auswell Energy, to help with your solar batteries.

Capacity Degradation

One of the most common issues in solar batteries is capacity degradation over time. This is when the battery slowly loses its ability to store as much energy as it did when it was new.  The main solution is to replace any significantly degraded battery component – while you can’t reverse degradation that has already occurred, replacing faulty components can restore lost capacity and extend the system’s lifetime.

It’s also recommended to proactively test and monitor your solar battery capacity annually. This allows degraded components to be identified and replaced before failure. Performing preventative maintenance and avoiding excessive heat/charging/discharging will also get the longest working life from your solar batteries.

By following some basic troubleshooting tips, you can solve many solar battery problems yourself. If issues persist after troubleshooting, contact a solar specialist. The technicians at Auswell Energy have extensive experience with solar battery systems. Contact us today about your solar batteries in Brisbane.

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