How to Maintain Your Home’s Visual Appeal After Installing Solar Panels

Auswell Energy explains how you can maintain your house’s aesthetic appeal while installing a solar system.

Are you considering joining the 53% of Tweed Heads residents who have installed solar systems on their homes? Installing solar panels on your home is a great way to reduce your energy bills and your carbon footprint. However, many homeowners worry that solar panels will look unsightly and detract from their home’s curb appeal. The good news is there are several ways to make your solar panels blend in and match the look of your home. As installers of solar in Tweed Heads, we outline several strategies for maintaining your home’s aesthetics when installing a solar system. 

Select a Low-Profile Panel

One way to make your solar panels blend in is to choose a low-profile, streamlined model. Many solar panels today are slim and sleek with panel depths, including the modern panels installed by Auswell Energy. Compared to older and bulkier panels, these thin models lie flatter on the roof, reducing protrusion and making them less visibly obtrusive. 

Arrange Panels for Visual Appeal

When arranging your installation for solar in Tweed Heads, you’ll want to align the edges and distribute them evenly for the best aesthetic result. Here are some tips… 

  • Align the edges of the panels so they form straight lines and rectangles. Having them properly aligned makes them look neater and more cohesive. 
  • Distribute the panels evenly, with equal spacing between each panel. You don’t want some areas with tightly packed panels and other areas with big gaps.  
  • Arrange the panels to follow the lines and geometry of your roof. If you have a sloped A-frame roof, arrange the panels to align with the roof edges.  
  • On a flat roof, you can arrange the panels in whatever layout you prefer. A checkerboard pattern often looks good. 
  • Avoid random or haphazard placement of the panels. Take the time to step back and ensure the overall arrangement is balanced and orderly.

An organised, balanced layout is key for optimal aesthetics. It can be helpful to discuss panel arrangement with a qualified solar installer to determine the best option for your home. 


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Clean Panels Regularly 

Regularly cleaning your solar panels is crucial not only for maximising energy production but also for maintaining your home’s visual appeal post-installation. By implementing a routine cleaning schedule, you can ensure that your solar panels remain clear of any obstructions, allowing them to absorb maximum sunlight and maintain their sleek appearance. Clean panels not only function more effectively but also contribute to the overall curb appeal of your home, enhancing its attractiveness and value. 

Installing solar panels on your home can initially seem at odds with your home’s aesthetics. However, with careful planning and the right solutions, you can install solar panels that complement and enhance your home’s beauty.  To learn more about residential solar in Tweed Heads, contact the experts at Auswell Energy today! 

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